Elise Gurock


Chaos Concierge began when founder, Elise Gurock (known as Elise Bolno in her single days), made the leap of faith out of corporate America.  With a decade of priceless training, professional development and forever friendships formed, she decided it was now or never to pursue her dream.  With the guide and support of unbelievable mentors, Chaos Concierge went from a dream to a reality.

Elise LOVES organizing.  She also LOVES meeting new people.  Most importantly, she LOVES helping others.  Imagine the joy upon realizing she could put all that crazy love together into a profession?  She is a firm believer that being truly organized is deeply rooted in the psyche of an individual.  Organizing is not running to the store or confirming that Amazon order on the latest and greatest organizing gadget.  It is making decisions and a way of life that anyone can achieve once you set your mind to it.  Impossible you say?  Absolutely not.  Elise is here to help… seriously.

With her neat-freak like tendencies and being no stranger to tight dorm room college living and small NYC spaces,  Chaos Concierge will help you maximize space to live more freely.  We develop personalized and adaptable methods based on how each client lives and thinks.  There is no single solution to this art we call “organizing.”  Best of all, we work with you to ensure we break old habits and maintain the goals we set.    

When Elise is not working you can find her cooking up a storm with her husband and hosting friends (taking great pride in their food and table presentation), shopping for a hidden gem in the furniture department of Home Goods, painting accent walls, (oh, and painting her own weekly manicures), practicing her photography skills around the city, volunteering, babysitting, coloring in her adult coloring book, planning children’s birthday parties, making themed cakes with fondant, assisting and executing events and using her tape measure/level/pencil to hang or build anything and everything (usually while her husband watches from couch or whips up a yummy snack).

Serving New York City and the Tri-State area.