“Worth. Every. Penny.” (agrees husband and wife never…except when it comes to Chaos Concierge).

Truth be told, our favorite “rooms” in our apartment are officially our walk-in closets. 2 months post-Chaos Concierge and we have managed to keep our closets in tip-top shape because Elise designed a solution that was easily maintainable given our needs and busy lifestyle. We actually enjoy packing, unpacking, and doing our laundry these days because everything we love has a distinct, intuitive home. Elise kept us focused and was so supportive/encouraging throughout every step of the decluttering and organization process. No pile was too tough to tackle. We cannot thank Elise enough for controlling part of our chaos and are excited to have her back to help organize the other rooms of our apartment so we can feel the same sense of calm in those spaces, too. THANK YOU!
-Becca R.

I recently worked with Elise from Chaos Concierge on the organization of my home office. As a business owner and mother who works from home, I’m constantly juggling personal and family projects along with actual work — and my crazy, chaotic office was a true reflection of that. From our initial phone consultation, it was clear that Elise had the skills and knowledge to help bring structure and order to a room that had become little more than a catchall for clutter. She explained to me her methods for categorization and even gave me “homework” ahead of our first in-person meeting, which helped prepare me for the busy (but fun!) days of organization ahead.

At our first actual appointment, Elise helped me to sort through the clutter — everything from samples & swatches to paperwork to my daughter’s school art projects — and develop a system of categories and sub-categories that would, not only make organization and reconfiguration of the room a breeze, but also allow me to purge the unnecessary items that were taking up valuable shelf space. With her guidance and boundless energy, we easily made our way through years’ worth of boxes and papers, and, although I had initially asked her to come for one day only, I quickly realized the value of her services and hired her for a second day of help!

While her organization skills are unquestionable, above all, it is Elise’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude that make her such a joy to work with. She was able to take a task that I had been dreading and putting off for years and turn it into an exciting, enjoyable project, during which I learned new skills for keeping myself and my business running smoothly, was able to let go of items and old work projects that were holding me back, and ultimately emerged with a fresh, functional space that has helped breathe new life into my personal and business endeavors. I fully intend on bringing Elise back to work her magic on the rest of my house!
-Jillian L

I never thought I would WANT to be in my kitchen.  Prior to working with Elise, I dreaded emptying my dishwasher because nothing had a home.  That is no longer the case…I am decluttered and delighted!  Elise thought through every detail and helped me maximize my space and utility according to my lifestyle.  I couldn’t be more grateful!
-Lauren B.  

Elise was a life saver at helping my family pack. She made unpacking our new place a complete breeze. Everything was easy to find and just as easy to put away. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
-Michelle L

Elise was so wonderful to work with on decluttering our home. It’s not always easy to have someone come into your home and help you go through all your items, and she does it seamlessly. She gets to know you and and how you live before making suggestions. My husband and I are so happy with the results. Everyday seems easy when you are organized and things are in place. Thank you Elise for helping us get there! It’s not something we could have or would have done on our own.
-Pam K